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How We Do Chip Repairs On Granite Countertops

Everyday activities that take place in your kitchen involves your granite countertops. The Granite known with its durability but density in the same time and especially the edges. Around the sink cut out or along the perimeter the edges will take the most impacts from kitchen everyday objects such as glasses, plates, knives and etc. Soon enough you might discover small chip on the edge of granite as it shown on the photo below. The most of the time the damaged areas get discovered after few days or weeks and broken off granite piece is lost which leaves us with alternatives such as epoxy material to substitute the original stone. We are dentists of the stone and our approaches are to make the repairs as natural as possible as of any dentist would have done to chipped and broken tooth. Identifying background color of the Granite helps to choose matching pigments for the epoxy material that will go on damaged area. The most of the time it will take two or three different color combinations as it shown on the photo below to match the original pattern distribution. After epoxy is applied and cured it takes skilled technician to remove an excess material and polish the edge to blend it to rest of the area. This repair was done in our shop as we were training a new stone technician.