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A case study of 4+ steps refinishing of travertine tile floor, repair cracks and over 100 travertine holes, polish, clean grout, seal

4 + steps refinishing system of travertine tile floor is one of our popular solutions for restoring travertine tile floors. It includes 4 or more steps of restoration and repair process. In this case study we will showcase one of our latest projects for this type of travertine solution.

This project included repairs of good number of cracks, and we also had to work on over 100 holes in travertine that customer wanted to be covered/filled. Before we began our work, customer marked all the problem areas, like cracks and wholes, with the pieces of blue tape. 

We started by fixing and filling those travertine holes. We also worked on cracks, in some of them we had to exaggerate the lines for travertine filler to settle in the crack and stay in place. In some travertine holes and cracks we had to remove old broken pieces of previous filler that was crumbling and falling apart. 

After curing, some travertine holes and crack repairs we had to grinded a bit by a handheld machine. Then we smoothen each repaired large area by a 3-step polishing pads that are also attached to our handheld machine. 

Next on our list of steps is a 3-step D.I.P. (diamond impregnated pads) polishing system. We use red, yellow, and green diamond impregnated polishing pads, which are distinguished by the coarseness and the density of diamonds impregnated in them. Each next step of the 3 brings a finer grit and takes the stone closer to a nice, polished look.

As we complete 3-step D.I.P. polishing steps, we move to a deep cleaning of tile grout lines. We use a pH neutral cleaning solution that we spread evenly with the floor machine and carefully clean each grout line with a hand brush after. 

Last step of the 4+ refinishing system is of course sealing. Each natural stone must be sealed with a professional grade sealing agent to protect the floor. 

If we talk major steps of this project, we will point out these 4 steps:

  1. Travertine holes and cracks repair and filling
  2. 3-step diamond impregnated pads polishing system
  3. Grout deep cleaning
  4. Travertine sealing

This is the reason we call this refinishing or restoration system a 4+ steps refinishing system, because it includes 4 major steps. Of course, some of these steps could be broken down into few smaller steps, that is why we include “+” sign next to 4 steps, because quite often steps could change or have extra ones. 

As an example, sometimes we come across some other type of decorative stone inserts in travertine tiles) like marble for example). We must treat it differently as an extra step of our refinishing system, because we have do treat different types of stone differently due to the stone composition, density, durability and few other reasons. 

Before and After 4+ refinishing and travertine holes and cracks repair

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