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8+ refinishing system and repair of travertine tile floor. Repair of cracked tiles, filling holes, new epoxy grout, tile lippage removal and polishing to create a seamless floor

We come across natural stone tiles pretty much every week. The 8+ refinishing system of travertine tile floors has become such a popular solution for lots of our customers. 

Our 8+ refinishing system is the right way out of uneven stone tiles (we also call it “tile lippage”), problems with braking grout, and constant staining and dirty grout in high traffic areas, and dull, scratched, worn travertine tiles.

This house was going for sale and unfortunately the severely damaged travertine floor was a turn off for all the prospective buyers. The owner of the house was willing to invest a small amount into salvaging this floor in order to get a big return during the property sale. 


Grout removal

So, we began our restoration process by grout removal. We use the most dustless method possible and use special vacuums for dust removal.

Then we carefully clear the old grout from tile joints to prepare them for travertine filler.

Filling travertine joints

We mix travertine filler with the hardener in small quantities and apply it throughout the entire floor’s joints.

This type of filler cures momentarily and we may get to the grinding process the same day. 

Grinding/ tile lippage removal

We begin the grinding process with the heavy duty metal pads in order to successfully remove tile lippage and even the tiles and newly installed grout into a seamless floor.

The next steps of mechanical diamond polishing involve resin pads on our floor machine and hand-held machines. We gradually increase diamond pad grit levels to smoothen the surface. 

Filling travertine holes

Travertine has naturally occurred holes in the structure of the stone. After heavy grinding those holes usually get exposed and need to be filled. 

For filling travertine we use a special grouting floor machine to help achieve even filling. 

We continue honing the travertine surface and remove excess of the filler. 

Cracked tile repair

As we mentioned earlier, this particular project includes some extra steps as a travertine cracks and holes repair. 

D.I.P. System

For the polishing step we use our 3-step D.I.P. System (Diamond Impregnated Pads).

Travertine sealing

We finish the restoration process with the last step of travertine sealing. 

The project turned out to be very successful thanks to our highly skilled and trained technicians. 



We bring all our knowledge, professional skills, extensive experience and great love to our trade into each project we take. 

If you are interested in our 8+ refinishing system for your natural stone tile floors don’t hesitate to call us for a free estimate at 630-379-7362 or send us a message through a contact form.