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PRO Tips: Proper care for your kitchen countertop: Marble vs. Granite vs. Quartz

Granite and marble have been champions of countertops for quite a while. Although quartz is a man-made stone,
it gained quite a popularity in the recent years. All three types of countertops have their unique beauty, are
durable, and, if properly maintained, they last a lifetime. We would like to share few tips with you to help you
properly care for countertops.

Heat resistance

Granite and marble are heat resistant; quartz is not. You need to be aware that you cannot put hot pots/pans/grills
on quartz countertops. Excessive heat will stain or crack quartz.

Quartz countertop will be damaged by a hot pot. The color would change deep within, and it might not be
repaired. Use trivets on quartz countertops.

Although marble can withstand high heat, we would still recommend using a trivet when necessary to avoid burns
or discoloration from extreme temperatures just to be on the safe side.

Countertop Stains

Quartz is stain-resistant, another great benefit this product has. If granite is not sealed correctly or left unsealed, it
might result in absorbing oil, wine and juice which will create a stain. Properly sealed granite will not stain.

Marble is the most porous of the three and it stains easily. Some types of marble might require really high
maintenance. Most important is to avoid acidic materials and remember to wipe up any spills quickly, even small
water spills.

Cleaning countertops

Granite should be regularly cleaned with a damp cloth and a pH-neutral cleaner formulated specifically for stone.
Quartz spills can be cleaned with dish soap and a soft cloth. Wipe up spills quickly. Don’t use harsh cleaners,
preferably use ones formulated for quartz. Never use abrasive cleansers. Neutral pH cleaners are always safer.

Clean marble only with pH-neutral cleaners formulated specifically for stone. Don’t use traditional multi-purpose
cleaners or any acidic cleaners. Be careful with acidic foods (lemons, vinegar, tomatoes etc.) those can easily etch
marble, therefore only professional refinishing can remove etching not cleaning products.

Sealing countertops

You do not need to seal quartz. However, regular sealing of granite and marble countertops is much necessary. It’s
recommended to re-seal marble once every few months. Granite re-sealing every 6-12 months. However. the
amount of time between sealing will depend on the color, nature, and use of your countertops.

Care for countertops is important

At home and professional care for countertops both are essential to help keep your stone health and longevity for many years. We recommend professional cleaning, buffing, and sealing of countertops as a regular maintenance to keep the health and luster of your counters for years to come.

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