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Large commercial terrazzo floor restoration and repair, lippage and bumps removal, grinding, honing, polishing, sealing, burnishing

In this interesting commercial terrazzo project, we’d like to showcase some unusual challenges we came across in this project. See this video for full project coverage.

The commercial building this project had taken place at had a beautifully designed terrazzo that hasn't been ever restored.

The existing conditions of this terrazzo floor were in a great need of refinishing and repair by our team of stone professionals. 

The biggest challenge of the project was deformed terrazzo with bumps and lippage/uneven terrazzo. 

We had to grind terrazzo with a very deep diamond cutting process to get terrazzo to be even/leveled. 

We addressed all deformation issues individually and did much grinding/leveling by hand to assure quality results.

We removed (by hand) some glue in several places of the floor before starting overall grinding process. 

We started the overall grinding process by using the heavy-duty metal pads to even all the terrazzo surface to the same level. 

As expected, we were able to get rid of all the scratches, stains, warn sports and other imperfections, including brass dividers.

We grouted all the terrazzo pinholes and let it cure overnight. 

Then we continued grinding with diamond pads and increased the grit levels at every step of the process. We went all the way from 100grits to 3000 grit level.

We work on all the edges and corners using handheld machines to ensure we reach all the difficult spots that floor machines are unable to cover.

terrazzo edges grinding

Next step was 3 step D.I.P system (diamond impregnated pads) to finish the polishing process and get terrazzo to a desired level of sheen.

terrazzo polishing

The last steps of this terrazzo refinishing process are sealing and burnishing terrazzo with micro topping sealer. 

The results of our restoration work have been impressive. Take a look at these few before and after shots of the issues we covered in this article.

Before and After

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