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Lobby Floors As Marble and Terrazzo And Their Maintenance

A lobby interior and design always represent buildings in the best or the worst ways. It serves as a signature and the first impression for its guests, workers, and residents.

In downtown Chicago, every highrise building can compete for the best lobby Design and the most important for marble and terrazzo floors. The time always rolls around to your condominium or building management to begin considering restoration of lobby floors. For that reason, it is a major factor to study its existing habitat followed by selecting and calculating the foremost methodology of restoration. It is equally important to schedule routine maintenance services after the first restoration to elongate the beautiful appearance of marble and terrazzo floors.

A great approach will be to avoid bad habits of maintaining floors with crystalizing and waxing agents which are considered as steroids on marble and terrazzo surfaces.

We encourage and promote natural diamond refinishing and polishing services by exposing true layers of marble and terrazzo. Coatless and wax-free marble surfaces are considered as the best conditions for longevity and clarity in the long run.