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Right expectation

There is a lot of misbeliefs associated with terrazzo and concrete restoration. This blog is an attempt at banishing some terrazzo restoration myths. When a terrazzo restoration technician/salesperson arrives at your door, they are focused to sell and convince you on their services and technique, as well as on themselves. Unfortunately, many companies sell more than exists or can be delivered in order to win a job. If someone promises you a faultless floor, they are not being truthful. Cement base and old terrazzo flooring rarely come out perfect. With terrazzo, imperfection cannot be cleared away. If you fill a gouge it may blend seamlessly or not. Over the many years we have been restoring terrazzo my techniques and outcome have gotten better and better. Most of the time many or all of the repaired areas are hard to find. Our approach is to get the holes to merge with the working area so they do not be pronounced. For the additional information or questions please contact us and ask for Kosta 630 379 73 62