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Terrazzo refinishing

It is very important to identify diamond polished terrazzo from vaxed or sealed terrazzo surfaces.

Resurfacing, vitrification and diamond polishing is the most effective method to maintain terrazzo surface appearing naturally high gloss polished for long perior of time without developing foot traffic and scratch patterns unlike terrazzo surfaces that were treated with low solid coating materials such as WAX.

Terrazzo can be restored to have a variety of finishes ranging from a honed or burnished look to a glass-like high shine finish that requires NO coatings, sealers or waxes EVER. This is achieved by a mechanical grinding and polishing process that uses diamond abrasives that are categorized according to grit size, with lower number grits being more coarse and higher number grits much finer. During the diamond grinding and polishing process, we handle any patch work and stain removal that might be required. The cost of restoring terrazzo is based on the number of steps or diamond grits required to achieve the desired finish, in addition to any required repair work. Diamond grinding and polishing can range from a simple 3-step process up to a 9-step process depending on how aggressive we need to start the process, as well as the desired level of reflectivity.

Once the process is complete, your terrazzo will be a permanent flooring solution that requires very little maintenance.


  • Terrazzo can be densified for added durability and protection against wear and tear.
  • Diamond polished terrazzo will maintain its shine with very little maintenance, although the initial restoration cost is higher.

Diamond-Polished Terrazzo - This green restoration and polishing procedure is done mechanically with diamond abrasives. After diamond restoration and polishing, your terrazzo will have a high reflective finish exempt of waxes and coatings...making it very easy to maintain. Diamond polished terrazzo should last approximately 5-years before requiring maintenance.

Sealed or waxed Terrazzo - Sealed or waxed terrazzo differs from diamond polished terrazzo because a topical clear coat is applied after surface preparation and diamond grinding. This is an economical method for finishing terrazzo because less steps are required to get to a finished product. Sealed or waxed terrazzo will require maintenance on monthly bases such as recoating and burnishing with high speed burnishers.