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In this project we showcase the granite countertop seam leveling and face polishing.

Over many years of extensive use and some other impact, the cabinets under this granite countertop had some movement and it caused the seams to become uneven and created the lippage.

We usually indicate the uneven seam (lippage) by sliding fingers on the seam, but we are using a quarter to showcase the uneven granite seam in this project. By sliding the quarter (or blade) back and force it becomes apparent that one side of the countertop sits higher than the other one when the coin hits the high side.

Using shims helps ensure the good alignment of granite slabs.

We remove all the broken, old epoxy filler and carefully clean and prepare the seam for the next step.

We mix colors with stone epoxy to find the best possible match for the seam. We mix in hardener with the color-matched stone epoxy and then we fill the seams. When filler dries, we scrape off the excess and clean with acetone.

The next step is Granite Face polishing. We use wet mechanical diamond polishing technique on this granite countertop.

We start with 3-inch rigid turbo resin pads.

We check our work frequently. We thoroughly inspect the worked-on area to make sure we got to the desired result at that step.

Wet granite polishing removes any grinding dust and turns it into slurry. We closely watch the amount of slurry produces during stone cutting process. Stone slurry indicates how fast the stone is being cut.

We have to pay close attention and not go too far and remove substantial amount of material. That would create groove lines.

These types of pads are pretty aggressive, and it is important we move around the machine in circular motion at all times, so it does not cut too deep in the stone.

We inspect each step’s result and start seeing a reflection as we gradually increase the grit levels. We look for the reflection to have clarity and flatness.

We continue changing the pads and proceed to our next steps.

Towards the end of the mechanical diamond granite face polishing process, we will see a significant difference in the amount of clarity and shine on the surface when we move to our finest grit diamond pads.

When the granite polishing process is complete you see a high-quality finish with the renewed shine.

After the last step of polishing process is done, we apply the MB-20 Stone Granite Polishing Compound which is perfect for setting a bright factory-like polish.