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Lippage Removal as an opportunity for your stone floors

Lippage refers to differences in elevation between edges of adjoining tile modules.

It could differ from high, medium and soft and certain subject such as coins, credit cards and thickness gauging leaves help to identify the existing lippage conditions of tile floors.

There are numerous reasons behind Lippage floors.
Poor tile installation, uneven substrade, faulty leveling materials and techniques and etc.

Ones lippage exist that automatically crates an opportunity for its removal which involves deep diamond cutting and grinding using heavy duty planetary head floor grinding machines.

Floor grinding machines

Let's highlight the expectations from lippage removal.
First of all, it make surface thoroughly flatten and creates seamless transition from one elevation of tile to another.

Lippage Removal

Secondly, since fully flattened floor doesn't contain high and low spots it eliminates an opportunity for dirt and soil particles to be layered and deposited.

Thirdly, lippage removed surface creates the complete excess for rigid diamond pads for full face contact. which makes the surface easier to clean, maintain and restore with out leaving so called picture frames.(area where diamond pads don't touch surface due to unevenness.)

Area where diamond pads don't touch surface due to unevenness

In addition, lippage removed floors no longer have tile pattern appearance and recreates its look to slab pattern appearance.

Lippage removal

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