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Zoo Animals And Zoo Stones

We all know that there are wild animals and the animals live in Zoo captivity. Visually they look alike but their lifestyle is different. Regardless how much we try to build the most advanced Zoo facilities and creating alternative conditions of the wild environment there still will be tremendous amount of challenges to keep them happy and fully functional ( I need to take some of it back...some animals better of been in Zoo captivity than in the wild due to us as humans constantly abusing there rights and existence. ) But point is that There Is No Place Like Home.

The same goes for natural stone. A stone such as marble, granite, limestone or others been around for millions of years before us living happy and interesting life of formation and their own way of Politics. And here we come capturing them and making them like Zoo Animals. At our captivity in our buildings, streets, lobbies, bathrooms, and kitchens. But at least let's keep them as "happy" as Zoo animals. Let's not cover them with topical sealers and coatings. With multiple layers of wax and let's not feed them with steroids such as Crystallizers and some other weird chemicals so they don't suffocate and DIE in front of our eyes.