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Tumbled travertine deep cleaning, refinishing, and repair in Chicago, IL

This beautiful stone has high-textured finish, and in comparison to polished travertine, tumbled travertine has softened edges and worn down look.

Tumbled travertine floor in this project had multiple cracks, some large holes, signs of wear and tear, soil and grime deposits over years of usage.

We deep clean surface and refinish floor with diamond pads to restore original factory appearance.

We pick up excess water with wet vacuum systems.

Travertine floor had multiple tiles with cracks.

By exaggerating the hairline crack we make enough room for epoxy filler to create sufficient body that is required for bonding.

We mix epoxy filler with different colors for the best possible color match with the particular travertine tile tone.

We fill the crack with color-matched filler by using a blade. We scrape off the excess filler with a clean blade and finalize cleaning with lacquer thinner.

Tumbled travertine floor is deep cleaned, refinished, and repaired to look as its original state. We complete the project with sealing process as a final step.

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